creating (or at least starting) conversation

here's a notable example of a brand dipping its toes into the social media waters. it's for cottonelle toilet paper, and it's basically a national poll about whether we all prefer to roll the toilet paper over or under. is it the most dramatic issue facing us as a society? no, that would be the future of brangelina. but it's up there.

the campaign is a nice way of finding a conversation point that 1) is relevant to the brand, but not strictly about the brand; 2) everyone can weigh in on. always a good start. it smartly takes advantage of the usual suspects (facebook, youtube, twitter, mom blogs), they bought the right search terms, and the microsite is data-rich, with a breakdown of the poll by state. (what is up with the "under" vote, california?)

if you argued the execution of it is more than a bit weak, i'm sure you'd be really convincing. but above all that, it reminded me of one of the neat exercises i learned at a hyper island master class a couple weeks ago: always ask, "and then what?"

brands keep asking for our attention and participation. well, here's an example of successfully getting it. now what are you going to do with it?


adam said...

Our over/under situation is forced. If we roll over, the air from the vent underneath the roll holder unwinds the T.P. every time it comes on.

Over by choice, under by necessity.

Clayton Roche said...

I was speaking to my girlfriend about this campaign. We agreed it was lame and transparent. Just two opinions..

Plus, the Simpsons settled which is correct -- The social servants who took Bart and Lisa into custody listed this as one of the reasons:

"Toilet paper hung in improper overhand fashion"

15 ideas said...

well, i can't argue with the simpsons. really, no one can. i will say, much as there are components about the cottonelle campaign that are lame, it beats what they've done previously. at least i assume it beats what they've done previously. can't say i remember it exactly.