happy restaurant week

looking at the size of the people who live in chicago, you'd think every week was Restaurant Week, but in fact, it's only official Restaurant Week this week.

as a chicagoan, i'm well-versed in how to spot a great restaurant. generally speaking, you can look for these three signs:

1) it has a name you can't pronounce
2) the word "reduction" appears at least 5 times on the menu
3) the chef or sous chef or immersion circulator once worked with grant achatz

ah, but there are exceptions to these rules. last weekend while in door county, wisconsin, someone recommended the "best restaurant in wisconsin." its name? Village Cafe. its specialty? various eggs benedict dishes. oh, it's also known for all the tsotchkes on the wall. to top it off, the word "reduction" was nowhere to be found. (of course, it was wisconsin - a state not exactly known for reducing anything.)

in spite of these odds, the village cafe was deemed the finest breakfast we've ever had - edging out that place in montreal. do you remember the name of that one? yeah, i can't either. if you're in the neighborhood of egg harbor, i'd highly recommend stopping in. even if it's not Restaurant Week.

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