the only redeeming thing about yesterday's game

forget the US/Canada game. the real border battle took place in east lansing, where the Beloved Spartans of Michigan State took on the Ohio State Univ... sorry, THE Ohio State University Buckeyes, squaring off for first place in the Big Ten.

as it turned out, ohio state scored more points, which just goes to show there's more to a sporting event than the "final score." there's also the commercials, and ohio state has a rather charming one.

theirs has been airing for a couple years now. it's basically a montage of people forming O-H-I-O with their hands. ok, technically, it looks like O-U-A-O, but we know what they mean. as someone who feels a kinship with anyone who answers "go green" with a hearty "go white," i'm a sucker for a good college cheer in a non-college environment.

the commercial invites OSU alums to post their own pics on the OSU website. so far, they're at almost 4500. nice. even if their basketball team is a bit heartless.

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