where bodies are buried in this town

usually when i'm riding through lincoln park, i'm busy popping wheelies or adjusting the baseball card in my spokes.

yesterday, i was just walking, which is why i noticed the big hunkin' stone marker in the park. the marker is part of an art project by pamela bannos called Hidden Truths. the project revolves around seeing how stories change through the years. with this project, she digs up the history of an old city cemetery in an area that's now the southern end of lincoln park. (she presents compelling evidence about thousands of bodies still buried in the park.) in addition to solving the mystery of the Couch Tomb in the park, the project offers a great history of the area. (her new york project is cool too - a study of 8th avenue at 14th street.) i'd recommend checking either out.

you know, if you're not too busy popping wheelies.

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