become mayor. then become mayor.

more side project talk. as you know (because you too are probably running), there will soon be an election for the office of the mayor of Chicago. and for the first time since Justin Bieber was a child, Richard M. Daley will not be running.

the city must've been extra thoughtful in succession planning, because there are approximately 2,000 natural replacements for mayor. to help sort the flotsam from the jetsam, we've rolled out The Foursquarian Candidate, a foursquare-based competition. the objective is to check in often to the designated City of Chicago Mayoral HQ location by 10/31/10. whoever is mayor of the location by then will win the official Foursquarian Candidate nomination, as well as free designs for campaign materials. make sure you friend the Foursquarian Candidate first.

this site will no doubt give candidates the kind of exposure normally associated with being, say, the White House chief of staff. enjoy.

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