blame dan sinker

by popular demand (and by "popular demand" i mean "one person"), i'm returning to posting, albeit less regularly than before.

the prompt to play blogger again came in part by dan sinker, founder of the dearly departed Punk Planet and now journalism professor at Columbia College. dan spoke at our agency last week, and raved about the benefits of side projects.

in addition to Punk Planet, he highlighted a few of his own side projects. my favorites were Robot Challenge, where dan and his readers challenge his young son to draw robots with specific powers (the Good Dancing Robot is seen here); and Cell Stories, where you can get a different fictional story delivered to your phone every day.

he was inspirational, he was funny, and he made me realize that without this blog, i had nowhere to post my mediocre photos and shallow observations.

and if ever there was a reason to resume, that's it.


Greg Christensen said...

Glad to have you back in the blogosphere, Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of side projects and the blogosphere, check out this site: http://www.mydogcantype.com

Peter T. said...

You're back!?!?! I have some catching up to do...