on churning out stuff

i get to make a presentation today to a bunch of folks who work at agencies and design studios in various parts of the world. the presentation is about inspiring creatives, and pulling the presentation together has really shed light on how important side projects have become, to me and other creative folk.

since so many side projects have to do with pushing you out of your comfort zone, i thought Ira Glass's perspective would be oh-so-appreciated:

as for side projects, here are a couple nifty recent ones from friends:

Amanda, Max & Josh did an Ode to a Chicago Summer.

Greg discovered a fun output of Google Scribe.

the aforementioned Dan Sinker put out the Chicago Mayoral Scorecard (courtesy of data from Josh's Progress Illinois site).

and a recent anonymous commenter here pointed us in the direction of his/her dog-authored blog, My Dog Can Type.

fun stuff.

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