I was thinking of changing but I won’t if you say I shouldn’t but I’d like to but now I’m not sure what do you think?

it’s quite fascinating to watch brands cave into the pressure of social media noise. I believe in the future, anthropologists will study Homo sapiens from this period and wonder what caused the sudden thinning of the skin.

today, it’s easy for CMOs to use social media noise to bolster whatever belief they have. Some will see a Facebook group dedicated to their product and conclude there’s a widespread interest and passion for their brand. Others will read a few blog posts and decide to scrap a well thought out multimillion dollar marketing effort.

is this about the continued rise of the consumer’s voice? or is it about the continued weakening of a brand’s self-confidence? I’d argue the latter.

it seems brands and consumers are in a race to see who can overreact more. it’s probably worth point out that brands have a lot more to lose in this contest.

I think at some point, we’ll all come to realize a group of Twitter users is only slightly less combustible than a PETA convention. and we’ll remember that a brand isn’t a sailboat – we really don’t have to change directions with the wind in order to successfully reach our destination.

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