pronouncing pecha kucha

i think one of the reasons people haven't gone to see a pecha kucha night is, "pecha kucha" is too damn tricky to say.

another reason, of course, is that people have never heard of pecha kucha. if you're one of them, here's a quick primer:

pecha kucha is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds, and you talk over the images. the images forward automatically, so there's no chance of a speaker babbling on longer. the format was created by a couple architects in Japan in 2003, and today, pecha kucha nights are held in 230 cities worldwide.

i've attended a few of these over the last several years, and really enjoyed them. so next week, i'm giving my first one at Pecha Kucha Chicago #16, and it would be so lovely if either of you readers attended.

it's next Tuesday evening, December 7th at Martyr's (3855 n. lincoln) starting at 8:20. pecha kucha nights regularly sell out, so i'd recommend getting your tickets soon. other speakers include word jazz guy ken nordine, huffington post writer jacqueline edelberg, and maybe a potential mayor or two. (no seriously.)

oh yeah, on to the pronunciation, lest you look like a rookie during your first pecha kucha night: the trick is to emphasize the "cha" syllable. the first time i attended one in chicago, host peter exley said, "the syllables of pecha kucha are said the same way you sing that Mah Na Mah Na song." i thought that was a good mnemonic. i looked for a video of the song, and came across the famous Muppets version first. it's much better than the original anyway. enjoy.

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