when "oops" really isn't

the football game between Northwestern and Illinois at Wrigley Field this saturday is causing quite a kerfuffle.

the last football game held at Wrigley took place in the 1960's. thousands of seats have been added to the stadium since, so a football field doesn't fit quite as comfortably as it used to. and now, due to the back of the end zone being so close to the wall, both teams have been instructed to only run their offenses one way, toward the opposite end zone.

the Chicago Tribune said it's a debacle. Sports Illustrated called it a football mockery.

whether we're organizing sporting events or marketing products, we seem to be on a quest for perfection, and technology (among other things) is only making that quest easier.

the thing about perfection is, it's kind of boring. we don't remember the perfect wedding we went to. we remember the one where the priest forgot the bride's name.

we'd never ask for imperfection, but boy do we crave it - it gives us something to talk about, a story to share. we remember the unexpected, good or bad. and the more perfect things become, the greater the value of the unexpected.

ideally, the "unexpected" comes from something good happening. (your perfect hotel room reservation gets a free upgrade, for example.) but even the "bad" shouldn't be viewed that way.

take the game this saturday. decades from now, grandparents will be telling their kids about that crazy football game they saw where the field was so tight, the teams had to switch sides at every possession because there was no room in the end zone.

i'm having a hard time understanding why that's a "debacle."

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