attention consumers: please don't freak

my dad used Old Spice, so i use Old Spice. it's the kind of brand decision that doesn't happen anymore - one brand loyalist passes their preference on to a new generation of brand loyalist.

i'd like to say my dad had the forethought to know that someday, this brand would be cool, but i think it was probably just on sale the first day he needed deodorant.

nevertheless, i managed to stay loyal through the dark years of the brand, when commercials featured a man who was a dead ringer for the captain from Captain & Tennille. this particular commercial not only had the captain, it also had someone oddly stalking the man and his date:

which brings us to this morning when i noticed the alert of a new package design coming. (it's a bit fuzzy - the sticker reads "NEW LOOK SOON!") brands have done this for years, but considering the overreaction people have to new package designs lately (see the abandoned redesigns from Gap and Michigan State from this blog; we'll throw in Tropicana as a free bonus), the alert takes on significant meaning.

here's to hoping consumers stay as cool as Isaiah Mustafa when the new design finally hits.

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