all hail the 1%

It's said that over 85% of statistics are accurate, which is why I believe the 90/9/1 rule. That is, when it comes to online activity, 1% of all users create content, 9% comment on and share the content, and 90% are voyeurs, though they might not word it that way on their Match.com profiles.

So as we pull the plug on 2010, I'd like to thank the 1%. The people who seem to have waaaay too much time on their hands. To the people who saw this amazing shot of a Tiger Woods...
And noticed the goofy Cigar Guy...
And took the time to photoshop him onto a hundred heads or so.

To the people who saw the movie Up not as a great film, but as a bunch of parts just waiting to be remixed.

It is this small but powerful minority that makes our lives/jobs so fun. A sincere thank you to you all & happy new year.

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