Free weekly social media schedule

Still walking with a mental limp from the holiday break? Here's a little lagniappe to start the year: A free weekly Facebook editorial calendar for your brand. Just insert your product name into the following status updates and you're ready to go.

Status Updates for Week 1:
Monday - What's one word that describes how much you like PRODUCT NAME?
Tuesday - If PRODUCT NAME were to introduce a new flavor, what would it be?
Wednesday - What's the strangest place that you've enjoyed PRODUCT NAME?
Thursday - If the patent for PRODUCT NAME were up for bidding, how much would you pay?
Friday - Besides PRODUCT NAME, what's your favorite thing in the world? LOL LOL :)
Saturday - Where were you when you first remembered trying PRODUCT NAME?
Sunday - Don't forget to buy plenty of PRODUCT NAME this weekend!*

Status Updates for Week 2:
Repeat week 1.

* Enough of this conversation crap. Sell.

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