Please like me... Please?

A good digital agency not only helps figure out what a brand should do online, but also what a brand SHOULDN'T do online. I was reminded of that during a recent trip.

As my expense reports can attest, traveling always means lots of magazine purchases. Or as I like to call them, "books." So as I loaded up at a store in O'Hare, I saw this note at the bottom of the receipt: "Become a fan of HMS Host on Facebook."

There are a couple strategic flaws to this.

1) I have no idea who HMS Host is. It's not the store's name. In fact, before reading the receipt, I'd never heard of the company.

2) I have no incentive to become a fan of HMS Host. Me and the store, we have a good, symbiotic relationship. I need magazines to read, the store needs people like me to buy them. I'm not sure we need to take this relationship any further.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who feels this way. Their account only has 694 likes. As far as social media feeds go, theirs isn't terrible. (Certainly a lot less self-serving than many brand accounts.) However, even if I followed them on Twitter or Facebook, it wouldn't make me go shopping at the airport more frequently, and the store experience isn't anything I'd share with friends. Not to mention, the bottom of a receipt isn't exactly the best place for a brand to introduce itself. So the question remains, what is HMS Host trying to achieve?

As all my fashionista friends say, just because they make the dress in your size doesn't mean you should wear it. Same with marketing: Just because a brand can be on Facebook and Twitter doesn't mean they should.

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