a smart approach to giving

Saw an interesting fundraising effort at an airport in Cairns, Queensland on behalf of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, which brings healthcare services to rural parts of Australia.

As far as aesthetics go, it isn't much to look at. And the headline ("You can make a difference!") isn't likely to require someone expand their awards shelf. What makes it interesting, however, is the timeliness.

Cairns is a relatively small town that attracts a large percentage of international travelers, thanks to its close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. So the solicitation isn't simply for money. Rather, they're asking for foreign currency, knowing much of its audience is likely finishing up an Australian holiday and looking to ditch some Aussie dollars.

Again, not the most earth-shattering idea in the world, but interesting enough to get my attention. And a few of my dollars as well.

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