Blame Dan Sinker, Part 2

Last September, I saw a great speaker at our agency's salon series. He talked about the benefits of side projects - a subject I'm somewhat familiar with. Hearing him speak inspired me to re-start this blog after 6 months away.

The post announcing the return was eerily titled "blame dan sinker."

I say eerily because Dan just outed himself as the man behind the brilliant Twitter account @MayorEmanuel.

The account was, tweet-for-tweet, one of the funniest I'd come across. What was particularly impressive, however, is the story arc he created, complete with character development and an addictingly great climactic ending that was accompanied by a massive real-life thunderclap. (Still not sure how he organized that.)

The reveal ended much speculation about the authorship - speculation that led a writer at the Chicago Tribune to guess it might've been me. Alas, all I can confess to is a huge amount of jealousy. Wonderful work, Dan.

i look forward to blaming you about something else soon.

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