Super Bowl Commercials: What Offended You Most?

"Liking" Super Bowl commercials is so 2010. This year, it's all about being offended. So which Super Bowl commercials sent you into a Twitter-fueled frenzy? Here are the top 3 Most Offensive Super Bowl Commercials of 2011:

VW - The Force
Who it offended most:
Why? Parents today are throttling back from the ridiculousness of three-ring birthday parties and calling college professors to argue about their child's midterm grades. They're trying to set more realistic expectations for their child. So what does VW go and do? They let kids everywhere believe that, using only The Force, a child can start a car. In the process, they threaten to undermine years of sensible parenting. Nice, VW. Real nice.

Chrysler - Imported From Detroit
Who it offended most:
Residents of Detroit
Why: By using the tagline "Imported from Detroit" this sends a message that Detroit is some sort of third-world country. So instead of comparing the new Chrysler 300 to other American-made cars like Mercedes and BMW, it's going to be compared to the Trabant out of East Germany. That kind of message is also bound to have a negative impact on tourism, considering only 37% of all Americans own a passport. I only visit Detroit on occasion, and I'm still offended.

Motorola - Empower The People
Who it offended most:
Monks, The Polyphonic Spree, the robe industry
Why: Why are robes constantly being used as uniforms of conformity? Have we learned nothing from Hugh Hefner? By falling into this tired cliche, Motorola not only threatens its own credibility, it also threatens robe sales nationwide. Exactly how much is hard to say. I tried googling "sales of robes" and all I got were links to robe sales. At deep, deep discounts. On behalf of occasional robe wearers everywhere, Motorola, we're offended.

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