More On Delighting People

Tonight, I'm heading off to see one of my favorite bands, the Rural Alberta Advantage at a sold-out Lincoln Hall.

This will be the fourth time I saw them. The first time at Millennium Park was mentioned in a post 2 years ago. (Check the comments section of the post. Very funny follow-up.) The second was at Shubas, which was great. The third was also at Shubas, and it was sold out.

The problem was, I was one of the people who didn't have a ticket. So I wrote the band (whom I'd never met) explaining my dilemma and asking for a couple extras. I figured I had two things going for me: First, I know that some brands have figured out customers are worth delighting now & then, as mentioned in the Gary Vanderchuk post just below this one. Second, they're Canadian and damn, those people are nice.

Within a day, I'd heard from Amy, one of the band members, telling me I was on the list, to bring a friend, and to have a good time.

And I did.

I must've told the story to dozens of people, selling quite a few CDs in the process. This tour, I bought tickets right away - for myself as well as a few friends who've never seen them. And I've already ordered their new CD. (You can grab a couple free downloads here though I'd recommend bucking up for the whole thing.)

It's amazing what delighting people will do.

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