A Memorable Presentation

Yesterday, Jim Cuno announced he was resigning from his role as director of the Art Institute of Chicago. Seeing Jim's name in the press reminded me of the first time I had the opportunity to present to him.

We were presenting the Red Cube Project, which was unlike any campaign the Art Institute had done previously. It involved placing 500 cubes around the city. The finder of each cube was given an art project to complete, and the best of these art projects were then featured in an exhibit in the Art Institute. There were also experiential, social media, and PR components, among others. What's more, it's the only idea we had brought, as all others paled in comparison.

Jim listened politely as we described the sequence of events that would unfold over 6 months, and when we finished, he turned to his marketing folks and said one simple sentence: "That's exactly what we should do."

So we did.

Thanks Jim, and best of luck out west.

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