Welcome, Carlos Segura

Our agency has an inspiring speaker series, Creative Salon, which has seen the likes of Dan Sinker, Andrew Byrd, and Aaron Freeman. Today, we're hosting the famed Carlos Segura.

Carlos has his hand in a lot of companies (he co-founded 37signals, T26 Digital Type Foundry, and 5inch, among others) though he's most famous for his design company, Segura Inc. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Carlos years ago on a campaign for Hewitt, a global human resource consultant.

The campaign consisted of workers whose bodies were composed entirely of their inner thoughts, fears, and dreams. Like people in the real world, people in the ads had thoughts ranging from work-related ("The new copier isn't any faster than the older one") to the personal ("That gardening show was totally rigged. My petunias should've at least placed..."). Online, each thought in these people figures led to relevant information on the Hewitt website.

It was a joy to create the inner-psychology of these personas. And of course, a joy to work with Carlos. The Speaker Series is open to the public, so stop by if you can. 410 N. Michigan, 4pm.

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