Make News, Not Ads

I saw a great ad headline in the paper today. Of course, it isn't actually an ad headline. It's an article headline. And that's what makes it great.

The line is, "Fake IDs For Underage Are Just A Click Away" and the article is about Chinese websites that are selling fake IDs to teens in the US.

Now, if you saw an ad with the headline "Fake IDs For Underage Are Just A Click Away" you wouldn't give it a second thought. But it's an article, from a mainstream newspaper no less. Because of that, the story about these websites was picked up by dozens of news outlets across the continent. And thousands of teens now know exactly where to go for fake IDs.

Right or wrong, people are more likely to pay attention to articles than the surrounding ads. Which explains why we spend a lot less time making ads, and a lot more time creating ideas that make news.

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