Bill Bernbach Does Not Look Happy About This

It's been a few months since I attended the Creative Social in Las Vegas, but I continue to retell one particular story:

We had broke up into groups to debate some of the industry's hot topics. Our group's topic was, "What comprises the perfect creative team?"

The conversation went around the room as people talked about the need to include a creative technologist/UX person/developer, or a planner, or how a strong media partner is critical. (And why oh why did agencies ever break apart media and creative?)

After about 15 minutes, a woman from D&AD in London said, "It's interesting no one has even mentioned the writer/art director team." The table went momentarily silent before everyone laughed. We then moved on to debate the merits of the "Creative Technologist" title (whose future is not looking promising, BTW).

In other words, the traditional AD/CW team structure wasn't even worth debating, much less using.

It's worth noting I haven't hired an AD/CW team to work as dedicated partners in well over a decade, so I suppose my opinion on the matter is clear.

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