Favorite idea of 2011

It's been a crazy year. "Asses over elbows" as Grandma Lynch used to say after a few nips. Need proof? Think about the fact that a mere 11 months ago, a Tunisian street vendor set himself on fire, sparking what would become the Arab Spring. That wasn't a while back. That was this year.

I haven't spent much time watching what other marketers have been doing, so I can't offer a comprehensive review. But I can praise one idea: Prudential's Day One Stories out of Droga5.

I love the specificity of the idea. I love how they found a shared emotion we can collectively relate to, yet no one has owned or utilized. I love the truth of the idea - I can imagine the lives of those who wake up on that first work-free Monday, look at their alarm clocks and remember they don't need one anymore. That they have the whole morning to sleep in. And the rest of their lives to live.

I'm pretty confident this won't rake as much medal as some of the agency's other efforts. But I find it one of their smartest yet. (Which, considering the agency, is saying a lot.)

Nice one, David & Co. And here's to an even more exciting 2012.

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