More talk about creating assets

Remember a few months back, we were talking about brands needing to create assets? Don't you remember? And you said, "Wow, great point. I never really thought of it that way." And then afterward, we went and watched UFC® 138? Leben vs. Munoz? Seriously, that's not even ringing a bell?

Man, I'd have that noggin of yours checked.

Anyway, if you DID remember, you'd know that when we create work, we always try to use or create assets a brand can utilize for decades to come - whether they're used in TV, digital, event, in-store, PR, whatever...

Generally we advise brands to create assets so they are truly ownable for the brand. But State Farm has done something interesting - they've successfully rebranded someone else's asset as their own.

It might not be your favorite commercial. (Personally, I like it. Particularly because of the "jazz hands" cameo at the :16 mark.) But it's worth admiring how the brand took a well-known NFL entity, Aaron Rogers' touchdown dance, and turned it into a State Farm-branded one, referring to their "Discount Double Check." (That's when a State Farm agent double checks your background to make sure you're getting all the discounts you deserve).

Aaron Rogers' move has been picked up by athletes in other sports, and when announcers see it, they don't call it the "Aaron Rogers Touchdown Dance." They call it the "Discount Double Check." I was bowling with 10-year old my nephew last week (I won, BTW), and after he bowled a strike, he yelled "Discount Double Check!" and he did the move.

It's a simple TVC. But thanks to the asset it created (or rebranded), the message doesn't fade to black after 30 seconds. Smart.

FULL DISCLOSURE: State Farm is an occasional agency client. But we did not do that commercial.

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