We interrupt this blog to bring you advice about hotels in Indianapolis

Thank you to both my regular readers for your consolation notes about last weekend's inaugural Big Ten Championship game. For those of you who didn't watch the game because you were distracted by silly things like "holidays" and "family," the Beloved Spartans of Michigan State fell to the Badgers of Wisconsin. I was hoping the game would be a repeat of the last time the teams met. I wish I could properly describe what happened back in October. Oh wait, I just found this video in my back pocket. What a coincidence.

Last weekend's championship game wasn't nearly as thrilling. But at least we had an awesome place to stay.

The game was in Indianapolis, and all hotels were sold out months in advance. But after 2 hours on the phone, we found a room at the Crowne Plaza, stumbling distance from Indiana's oldest bar, the Slippery Noodle. Upon arriving, we were asked if we wouldn't mind a "train suite." Sure, whatever, we replied.

As it turns out, the train suite is properly named. Our room was in an old Pullman sleeper car parked smack in the hotel. A Crowne Plaza hotel. In Indianapolis. What an unexpected treat.

If you find yourself in Indianapolis and in need of a place to, say, dry your tears for a few hours, I highly recommend it. (I also recommend a few hours at the Slippery Noodle beforehand.)

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