Living, breathing marketing

There's a nice campaign out of Japan for Adidas called the Temperature Discount. As the name suggests, it's a temperature-controlled pricing campaign for a new line of temperature-sensitive clothing.

Now, what I love about interactive marketing is the "liveliness" of the communications. The real-time information, the personal relevancy, the ability to draft off real issues and discussions, the immediate effect a participant can have - be it in the digital or physical world.

The Adidas example is a smart digital idea, but marketing doesn't need to be digital in order to be "live."

In fact, what spurred this post is beer signage I recently saw for Sam Adams.

The sign displays all four of Sam Adams' seasonal brews, and highlights the one that's currently available (in this case, the Winter Lager). It's interesting marketing for a couple reasons:

First, it really is "alive" to some degree because the sign actively changes throughout the course of the year.

Second, it seems special simply because of its form. That is, if a website updated content every 3 months, it would earn a FAIL because websites should be updated quicker. But beer signs are supposed to be static, so anything in the category that breaks the "static" rule becomes noteworthy.

(Years ago, we had a post about the rugs in the elevators at the W hotel, which are changed out three times a day. Same thing applies there - elevator rugs aren't supposed to change, so when they do, it's noteworthy.)

Lastly, the smartest aspect about the Sam Adams sign is that it strongly supports the brand's positioning of freshness. When you see that the available beer reflects the current season, it says the beer is fresh. And when you see the other seasons aren't highlighted, that too emphasizes freshness. (Sometimes, what you don't say communicates as persuasively as what you do.) Smart stuff.

For the record, yes, I realize this might be the most words anyone's ever written about an on-premise beer sign. Wait 'til you see the post about this napkin I recently saw.

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