I've always considered we marketing folk to be "kings of the wading pool." That is, we know a little information about a lot of topics. Enough to fill a website or brochure, but not enough to write a book unless we used large type and included a bunch of pictures.

But that description is no longer specific to people in marketing. "Information snacking" is now common behavior, and we gather that information through tweets, infographics, headline tickers, and memes. Basically, the intellectual version of Twinkies.

Which is why I was so impressed with local start-up Dabble. Dabble lets you, well, dabble. They offer one-time courses on topics you might want to know a little about, but not enough to commit to an 8-week class. Upcoming topics include wine pairings, photography, composting in apartments, public speaking, and making mosaics.

It's one of the more timely, relevant start-ups I've seen in a while, and I've committed to teaching a class sometime soon. If you have suggestions on topics, let me know. And if you've taken a Dabble class, I'd love to hear how it went.

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