More On Team Structures

A few months back, we did a post on the obsolescence of traditional art director/copywriter teams. But it's not just marketing that requires more specialists these days.

This morning, the Navy Pier governing board will recommend the team they've selected to redesign the public spaces around Chicago's Navy Pier tourist area. Take a look at the firms who comprise the winning team:

As team lead, you have James Corner Field Operations, a landscape architect and urban design firm that did the cool High Line park on the elevated train tracks in New York.

There's nArchitects, an architecture firm (as opposed to the aforementioned landscape architecture firm).

You have a really gifted lighting artist, Leo Villareal, who's not to be confused with the lighting designers and consultants, L'Observatoire International. There's the horticulturalist and garden designer, John Greenlee & Associates, who clearly does their best work near the ground because the team also includes a vertical garden designer, Patrick Blanc.

The list goes on and on. Surely, each partner brings a unique skillset, and the list really does illustrate how marketing isn't the only field that requires bigger teams.

Though considering the visitor experience of Navy Pier, I was really hoping to see a firm that specializes in Tackiness Minimalization.

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