Serendipity, Part 2

It seems like just 2 posts ago that we were talking about the theme of Serendipity at this year's SXSW. That theme carried into the conference's off-hours as well. My favorite example:

It was Sunday night, and 15 of my colleagues and I were at a bar well past last call. In spite of what had already been a long evening, we were still raring to go. We'd rented a couple houses for SXSW (there were about 40 of us). But thanks to a late gathering the night before, I knew our houses were drained of all proper refreshments, so we couldn't go there. As we spilled out of the bar, we spotted a bus with what was clearly a party going on inside. It was just pulling away when we ran up and pounded on the door.

"Yeah?" asked the driver.

"Hi, we're supposed to be on this bus."

He believed us.

All of us quickly hopped on board, slapped high fives with our newfound friends, and proceeded to indulge in whatever the bus had to offer. (Mostly whiskey and reisling.) (Hey, it wasn't our bus.) We had no idea where the bus was going, or even who's party we had just crashed. And for all we know, we could've been stuck miles away from Austin at 4 in the morning.

The unknown is precisely what made the ride so great.

EPILOGUE: As it turned out, the bus driver tired of us singing loudly and crawling inside their luggage racks. So he dropped us off in front of a food truck that was selling fried chicken sandwiches served on Krispy Kreme donuts. Stop your cringing. It was delicious.

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