Life after 140 characters

I like information coming by way of news tickers and tweets, to the point where I'd rather see the infographic than read the study. Perhaps to balance out the shallowness, I've recently developed an addiction to Longreads, and I'd highly recommend you do so as well.

Longreads is a curated collection of long-form articles and short stories (typically 1,500 words or more) from dozens of sources around the world. The substantive length is refreshing. But it's the diversity of subjects I truly adore. Recent articles I read include:

If you want to try it out, sign up for their "best of the week" emails. (5-6 stories, usually terrific.) If you want to dive in fully, download Pocket (formerly Read It Later) and fill your tablet with more articles than you can possibly get to in a week. But keep in mind: It really is addicting.

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