More internet trends from Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker's latest deck on internet trends is insightful as always – particularly the slides showing the disruption of various industries. It's the most substantial section of the deck, yet it only touches on the disruption of industries that affect and define our personal lives – how we connect and with whom, the depth and maintenance of our relationships, and how those relationships influence our actions and opinions.

Being a charts-and-graphs kind of fellow, I found this chart particularly interesting. It shows time spent with various media vs. the advertising spend. Mary's deck highlights the considerable opportunity in digital, and particularly mobile.

I'd point out the glaring misalignment in print ( which takes up 25% of our ad dollars and only 7% of our time). Much as we marketers are driven by numbers-based decisions, I wonder if the tangibility of print isn't still influencing thinking. Like digital, print is sharable, but it's a different kind of share – a more personal, face-to-face share. Print is viewed as longer-lasting because it can be copied or framed in the halls of companies and offices. For a more traditional generation of marketers, a full-page print ad still carries an importance that a YouTube home page take-over doesn't, eyeballs be damned. That said, I don't think tangibility and nostalgia makes up for an 18% discrepancy.

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