The Art of Pointing

In case neither of you knew, I'm a big fan of side projects. They foster a learning culture, they attract attention, and they're fun.

These three benefits are apparent in Pointer Pointer, a side project from Amsterdam's Moniker design studio. Basically, you move your curser, and the site loads a picture of a person pointing at your curser. Simple, stupid, addicting.

Note the slight delay in results, which not only adds to the tension and experience, it also covers up the fact that sometimes, the same pictures are just resized and repositioned to fulfill different curser locations.

You could easily see how Moniker can make this a lot more participatory by allowing people to upload their own pics to be included, then bragging to their social media minions when their picture is chosen (like the old Human Clock site, which started out anonymously but later added credits for whomever added their pictures). But alas, there's often a diminishing return on side project improvements.

Fun stuff, Moniker.

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