Attending Barely Understandable Sporting Events

Yesterday marked the finale of this year's Tour de France. I had the opportunity to see one of the Tour's stages in person this year, in the charming medieval town of Rouen, France. The atmosphere was exciting, but since I'm not an avid bike race fan, I missed the subtleties that would make the sport more interesting. So for me, it was like attending the Indy 500 if the cars were silent and only went around the track once. Here's the proof:

Of course, that event was downright riveting compared to another sporting event I attended recently.

I was in Melbourne, Australia and Victoria was playing its rival state, New South Wales, in a cricket test at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground. I scrambled to arrive a half hour after the event had started, but I needn't have rushed. Here's what I, and a dozen or so others, saw:
The upside to attending this test, of course, is that it made the Tour de France seem magnificent.  Congrats to the Tour's feisty winner, Bradley Wiggins.

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