Watching Word of Mouth

A couple years ago, one of our writers had an interesting idea: Let's release a piece of content online and visualize how it's spreading. Which social network would be most influential? Would the people who are most responsible for the spread have the highest Klout scores? What time of day or week would it be most likely to be shared? Oh, so much to learn.

But each time it was discussed, the idea always had one big hole: We never had the right content.

This month, the idea resurfaced in someone else's brain, and shows just how cool the idea is. British band The xx released their sophomore effort, Coexist, to just one person in the world. Then they invited that person to pass it along, and they visualized the spread as it happened. The idea has so very many things I love. Music, participation, and playing off strong psychological trigger of wanting to be the first to share something new, to name a few.

 The project involved Aaron Koblin, which is not surprising. Aaron was also involved in the Arcade Fire's The Wilderness Downtown, the customizable video for Radiohead's House of Cards, and the crowdsourced video for the Johnny Cash Project.

 Best of all, the new CD serves as some nice ear candy. Enjoy.

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