Sometimes, you just need new stories to tell

As marketing folk, we're always urging our clients to step out of their comfort zones. We're striving for ideas that make them sweat. And we're critical when they don't take those risks. So it's only fair we live our own advice. (Method marketing?)

To that end, I'm abandoning a life I know well and adore here in Chicago, and joining the crew at Energy BBDO Shanghai, starting next week.

Professionally, I'm thrilled – geeked even – to join a great team I've worked with from afar over the last 18 months, and move to one of the most vibrant cities on the planet. (See below for a comparison photo of Shanghai, circa 1990 and 2010.)

Personally, it's a well-needed and long-desired change for my family and I. Not to mention the fact that my 13-year-old daughter seems to have acquired a boyfriend here in Chicago. This should teach her.


vinny warren said...

i heard this recently. first you and now bob winter. chicago is fucked. have fun. this is brave and will be a great adventure. good luck man.

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